Our community and your investment in your property is protected by the Wentworth Declarations, Covenants, and Restrictions (DCR).  The following paragraphs provide key DCR highlights.  For more details, an At-a-glance summary the DCRs is attached below, along with the full version.  

Home Maintenance: A 2021 Community survey and membership meeting found that the most valued DCRs to protect the aesthetic appeal and architectural integrity of the community include: 
  • Landscape Maintenance: The DCRs require that all shrubs, trees, grass, and plantings of every kind be kept well maintained, properly cultivated and free of unsightly material. 
  • Lamp Posts & Mailboxes:  The DCRs require that our community signature lamp post and mailboxes meet the standards established by the Architectural Controls Committee (ACC).  Visit these links for assistance in finding parts and maintaining your lamp post and mailbox.  
  • Unsightly Conditions:  The DCRs prohibit any lot from becoming unsightly as determined by the HOA.    

Alterations: Many alteration types require HOA approval.  Please refer the interim alterations page for details.

Pool Rules:
Glass containers at the Pool is strictly prohibited. 

Vehicle Restrictions

  • The DCRs restrict the repeated parked of vehicles on the street or repeated repair on the lawn or street. 
  • They also restrict the parking of motor homes, campers, trailers, boats, etc.
  • Placement of temporary storage PODS require HOA approval.  Please contact RRS.  
  • Immobilized, derelict, or inoperable vehicles are governed by Farragut ordinance and may be reported using their their citizen reporting tool.
  • Homeowners should contact RRS if they have concerns with vehicles.  
Nuisances:  The DCRs prohibit annoyances or nuisances in the neighborhood. Homeowners may report nuisances to RRS. The Town of Farragut suggests that concerns for barking dogs, excessive noise, and ATVs operated on roadways be reported to the Knox County Sheriff's Department at 865-215-2244.

Property Manager Inspections and Enforcement:
 The HOA has hired a professional property management company, RRS.  Their managers conduct periodic tours of the neighborhood (checklist attached, below), identify lapses, and send Courtesy Reminder Letters to homeowners.  We expect the vast majority of issues to be resolved at the courtesy letter level.  If uncorrected, the manager may send a follow-up Violation Letter.  If still uncorrected, the DCRs allow the HOA to suspend a member's recreational access.  They also allow the HOA to pursue legal remedies for unapproved alterations, uncorrected unsightly conditions, and unpaid dues.  Violation notices will be sent by certified mail in these infrequent circumstances.   

Homeowner Concerns:
 The property manager tours may will not identify some DCR lapses. Accordingly, homeowners may report concerns to RRS. In addition, the Town of Farragut provides a citizen reporting tool that can be used for concerns with grass over 12".  

Approved Rules and Regulations: The official HOA Board approved rules and regulations are attached, below:
  1. Inspections Checklist
  2. Escalated Enforcements
  3. Spending Authority
  4. Wentworth FAQs
Approved regulations are binding on the HOA/Board. Future Boards may revise or cancel these regulations or publish additional regulations, if needed.  

Interpretations:  A key Board duty is to publish interpretations of the DCRs in cases where conflicting language may exist or for questions of meaning or how to apply the DCRs.  The Board's interpretations are required to be published to the community as binding regulations.

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